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One of the many pleasures of Vejer is its accessibility to local beaches while not being a ‘beach’ town. This area is famous in Spain for the quality of the beaches.


Vejer’s closest family beach is El Palmar / The nearest beach to Vejer (approx 12km/15mins). It’s about 12 km long stretch of soft golden sand & mainly “wild” – undeveloped – with sand dunes leading onto the beach. There are a number of bars/restaurants (mainly in the middle section) & quite a lively ‘apres-beach’ scene. At the very end towards Zahora there is a ‘day club’ with pool and a lively beach bar. Popular with surfers, book some lessons for kids or youngsters or have a go yourself.


Conil is a fairly sizeable town, with around 21,000 inhabitants. It has six beaches: Playa La Fontanilla, ( Book lunch at La Fontanilla restaurant a few days in advance, great spot) Playa El Roqueo (with a 1936 Civil War bunker), Playa Fuente del Gallo Playa Punta Lejos, Playa Cala del Aceite and Playa los Bateles.


15 Km away overlooking the ‘Faro de Trafalgar’ (where Nelson defeated the Spanish Armada). It’s a narrow beach slightly difficult to find but it has a fantastic bar/restaurant on the edge of the beach (Sajorami). Great place for early evening mojitos and salsa lessons whilst watching the sunset.
If you have children go at low tide as the reef creates a barrier between the beach and the sea, creating a lagoon – a huge, natural, shallow swimming pool.


Playa del Carmen is 10km from Vejer and a great visit if you are looking for lots of real local colour, simple beachside restaurants, showers and services on the beach. Safe swimming, virtually no rip tide and only small waves due to its protected position. Great for families.


20Km away it is a busy seaside resort with an attractive palm tree lined promenade in front of a pretty white washed old town. Massive market here every Friday. The beach is long and very wide with soft white sand and some beach bars. The old town behind the promenade is very lively and is packed with tapas bars and shops. ‘La taberna del Campero’ is absolutely fantastic for tapas and worth searching out.


Playa de los Alemanes: 22km. from Vejer, beyond Zahara beach and before the Camarinal lighthouse.  The exclusive millionaires retreat of Atlanterra this bay is subject to powerful currents. Beautiful location. No services, bars or restaurants, difficult to park.

Playa de Bolonia: Includes roman ruins, hippie market and natural pools.

Caños de Meca: For the dramatic 100ft sheer backdrop of white cliffs, topped with a pine forest. There are several stretches of beach, divided by rocks, all with golden sand and clear water.